Building Department

Inspections by appointment only.  Please call (413) 237-5803
Plan review by appointment only. Please call (413) 477-6197 ext. 109

Andrea Mastrototoro, Administrative Assistant
Office Hours: Thursdays, 7:30 am – 10 am

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Building permits and permit fee schedules are available in the Assessor's/Building Department office of the Municipal Building during regular business hours, or online, below.

The Hardwick Building Department does not accept permit applications or documents online or by email.  All documents are to be presented in hard copy by mail service or drop off at the Hardwick Municipal Building, 307 Main St., PO Box 575, Gilbertville, MA  01031.  If document return is required by code or zoning, or requested by Applicant, a self-addressed stamped envelope is required to be provided.

Building Inspector/Commissioner
(413) 477-6197 ext 109
Assistant Regional Building Inspector
(978) 434-1839
Gas Inspector & Plumbing Inspector
(413) 204-1140
Asst. Gas Inspector / Asst. Plumbing Inspector
(978) 355-6838
Electrical Inspector
(774) 230-1527
Assistant Electrical Inspector
(413) 967-3810