Board of Health

Phone: (413) 477‑6197
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, Noon-2 pm

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Preventing Mosquito-Borne Illness

2023 Permit Fee Schedule

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For the Hardwick Board of Health issues please contact a Board member at (413) 477-6197 Ext. 108
Judith Kohn, Chair
Paul R. Mailhot Jr.
Ernest J. Warburton
Patricia Tinker, Clerk

Meets: 1st Thursday of the month
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  • Permits for outdoor wood burning boilers are now obtained from Board of Health.
  • Sanicans (portable toilets) must be permitted by the Board of Health.
  • All Title V inspections must be witnessed by the Board of Health Agent. Applications should be submitted with fee of $150.00 to schedule Title V inspections.

All Septic System installations must be inspected as follows:

  • Cut on Bottom
  • Initial Placement of Title V Sand
  • Check base/bottom of Tank Drop
  • Sieve Analysis

​​​​​Septic System Do's and Don'ts

Please remember to notify DIG SAFE
at 1-888-DIG-SAFE (1-888-344-7233)
before the commencement of any digging project. 

Please be aware of new Trench Regulations.
See Building Department for relevant information.

(413) 477-6197, Ext. 108
(413) 477-6197, Ext. 108
(413) 477 6197 Ext. 108
(413) 477-6197, Ext. 108