Town Treasurer/Collector

Office Hours: Monday 9 AM - 6 PM, Tuesday - Thursday 9 AM - 4:30 PM

    Town Treasurer/Collector
    (413) 477-6197, Ext. 117 and 107
    Town Treasurer/Collector Clerk
    (413) 477-6197, Ext. 107

    Responsible for the collection of real estate taxes, personal property taxes, motor vehicle excise taxes, Hardwick Center Water Fees, Sewer Fees. Checks should be made payable to Town of Hardwick only. Please contact Collector for updated balance information before mailing late payments.

    Due Dates for Fees/Bills

    Effective 9/2022 the Board of Selectmen have approved the following fee increases:

    • Demand/Late Fees: $30
    • Certificate of Municipal Lien: $50.00
    • Returned/NSF Check: $35.00

    Credit and debit card payments can be made on-line through Unipay. Additional charges apply for any card payments whether paid online or in the office. See list below for fee amounts. The first motor vehicle excise commitment of the calendar year is always uploaded to Unipay. All four quarterly Real Estate tax bills are uploaded for online payment. Other bills may be loaded online if time is allotted.

    Credit Card Payments now accepted in Office!

    Taxpayers now have the option to pay all Town of Hardwick tax bills (current only) IN OFFICE, including Real Estate Tax Bills, Personal Property Tax Bills, Motor Vehicle Excise Bills, Hardwick Center Water Bills and Sewer Fee Bills using American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

    Visa Debit card holders will be charged a flat fee of $3.95 per transaction. Your credit card service provider charges a fee on a per transaction basis based on the amount charged as follows:

    Transaction Amount Fee Amount
    $1.00 - $99.99 $2.50 
    $100.00 – $199.99  $5.00
    $200.00 – $399.00 $10.00
    $400.00 – $699.99  $17.50
    $700.00 – $1,099.99 $27.50
    $1,100.00 – $1,599.99  $40.00
    $1,600.00 – $2,299.99  $57.50
    $2,300.00 – $3,099.99 $77.50
    $3,100.00 – $3,999.99 $100.00
    $4,000.00 – $4,999.99 $125.00

    To request a Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC), please provide the following information as well as payment in the amount of $50.00 per parcel:

    • Name and Address of Current Owner
    • Assessor’s Map and Lot Number                              
    • Self-addressed stamped envelope

    Please contact the Assessor’s Office at 413-477-6709 to apply for a Personal Property Tax, Real Estate Tax or Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement.

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