The Quabbin Regional School District School Committee began recording their full committee meetings as well as subcommittee meetings. To view these meetings visit our YouTube channel at:

QRSD Meeting Recordings

Of particular interest in the recording from our October 13th meeting, is a video interview with one of the students from our PostGrad program. This can be viewed at the 16:23 mark.

Hardwick Elementary School

76 School House Drive

Gilbertville, MA 01031

Phone: (413) 477-6351

Fax: (413) 477-6409

Principal: Shelly St. George

e-mail: sstgeorge [at]

Quabbin Regional Middle/High School

800 South Street

P.O. Box 429

Barre, MA 01005

Phone: (978) 355-4651

Fax: (978) 355-0163

Principal: Gregory Devine

e-mail: gdevine [at]

Eagle Hill School

242 Old Petersham Road

PO Box 116

Hardwick, MA 01037

Phone: (413) 477-6000

Fax: (413) 477-6837

Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School District

240 Sykes Street

Palmer, MA 01069

Phone: (413) 283-9701

QRSD School Committee

Emilly A. Cartier

sc-ecartier [at]

Jenna Garvey

(413) 477-6343

sc-jgarvey [at]

Term expires 2025

Kristyl B. Kelly

Term expires 2024